New Time for Niagara Unplugged

There's a new time for the same show, join me Wednesday nights at 8p.m. to talk about whatever is on your mind. You can find me online at or you can listen over … [Read More...]

Lockport Day 2014

You can now start sending your money for the upcoming Lockport Day in Florida on Tuesday March 4, 2014. Please send a check made out & mailed to: Donna Pieszala 13220 22nd Ct. E. Parrish, Fl. … [Read More...]

Niagara County residents talk about local politicians

The following video segments were done in September 2013. Thank you to Mr. Kevin Green of Niagara Falls for filming and editing. Watch as local residents tell about the way they've been treated by … [Read More...]

I’m back on the air!

I've decided to take my show to the next level, internet radio. I will be broadcasting live every Wednesday night at 8p.m. There's two ways to listen. For people with computers simply go to … [Read More...]

Talk Show Therapy Returns

Many of my loyal listeners have been asking for me to do a radio show again. After a little research I've found a way for us to all get together and talk once more. This Wednesday October 16th at 12 … [Read More...]

Lockport Day in Florida 2014

The 39th annual Lockport Day in Florida will be Tuesday March 4th 2014 at the Port Charlotte Moose Lodge 2121 located at 3462 Loveland Blvd in Port Charlotte Florida. Most of the event will remain … [Read More...]

Lockport Day on Facebook

Lockport Day is now on Facebook! Find the group by the name of "Lockport Day in Florida" and request to join it. Get ready for an announcement next week! Don't forget to spread the word. … [Read More...]

Bringing my Facebook page back to life

I've got two Facebook pages, one for my personal/ family stuff and one for the show. A few months back I decided that I should just use one page. All my radio updates could come thru WLVL's Facebook … [Read More...]

New York’s new gun law

Here's the law and who voted for and against it. … [Read More...]

Sandy Hook Shootings Exposed

Watch this video and see some of the strange things they point out. The two questions I have are: 1. How did he get his brothers ID? 2. How did he die from a bullet from a long gun when all he had … [Read More...]

Lockport Day 2013 Information

Lorraine is asking that you not send your checks until January 1, 2013. Lockport Day 2013 March 5th. 11:00 A.M.-3:30 P.M. Where: Port Charlotte Moose#2121 3462 Loveland Blvd. Port Charlotte, … [Read More...]

It’s time for a break!

It's that time of year when I take a break from radio. I will leave my timeframe in good hands, K.J. Is already settling in at 11am every day. I look forward to seeing many of you in March at Lockport … [Read More...]

Nic Wallenda walk on youtube

Here's a link to the famous walk across Niagara Falls as it appears on youtube: … [Read More...]

IRS Tax Loophole

To watch the news story about the IRS Tax Loophole click on the "Links" tab above. Then scroll down to show topics. … [Read More...]

Niagara County School Districts Tax Rates

2011 - 2012 tax rates for school districts within Niagara County per $1,000 assessment: Barker $14.99 Lewiston Porter $17.82 Akron $17.63 Lockport $24.60 Medina $24.32 Newfane $26.58 … [Read More...]